Registration for VAT is mandatory to every person upon attaining the registration threshold of 100 million in the period of twelve months and above or 50 million in period of six months ending at the end of the previous months. This condition applies to all types of registration except for professional service providers.

Registration process.

Application for VAT registration can be done online or by filling form ITX245.02.E Application for Registration for VAT.

VAT Registration Certificate.

Upon registration, a taxpayer shall be issued with a Certificate of Registration stating the name and principal place of business of the taxable person, the date on which the registration takes effect and his Taxpayer Identification Number and his VAT registration number.

A person shall show his Taxpayer Identification Number and his VAT registration number in any return, notice of appeal or other documents used for official VAT purposes and display his certificate of registration in a noticeable position at his principal place of business.

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