Form C1 Overtime Request
Form C2-Cargo Manifest
Form C3-Parcels List-Vessels
Form C4-General Declaration-Aircraft
Form C5-Passenger List
Form C6-Declaration Advice Customer Stores
Form C7-Crew Declaration Form
Form C8-Application to Break Bulk Prior to Making Report
Form C9-Application to Amend Manifest
Form C10-Application to Proceed to A Sufferance Wharf
Form C11-Landing Certificate
Form C12-Application For Release of Perishables or Other Goods Prior to Payment of Duty
Form C13-Application for Inward(Outward) Processing
Form C14-Certificate of Clearance
Form C15-Request to Repack Warehoused Goods
Form C16-Request Transfer Ownership of Warehoused Goods
Form C18-Application for Licence of Premises to be Used as a Bonded Warehouse or Factory or Inland Container Depot
Form C19-Licence for Private or General Bonded Warehouse,Factory,Icd
Form C20-Application for Custom Agents Licence
Form C21-Customs Agent Licence
Form C22-Application Ships Goods Prior Entry
Form C23-Application to Reload Goods Unloaded in Error
Form C24-Application to Ship Stores
Form C25-Application to Transfer Stores of Aircraft or Vessel
Form C26-Application for Refund of Deposit or Cancellation of Bond
Form C27-Transire
Form C28- Application for Vehicle or Vessel Conveying Transit Goods
Form C29-Certificate of Approval for Licensed Motor Vehicles or Vehicles From COMESA(SADC)
Form C30-Duty Drawback Rate of Yield Notification Form
Form C31-Duty Drawback-Debenture and Claim Form
Form C32-Temporary Exportation/Importation of Motor Vehicles Within EAC And Temporary Importation Within COMESA - SADC
Form C33-Application for a Rebate or Refund
Form C34-Other Refunds
Form C35-Request for Settlement of Case
Form C36-Declaration of Particulars Realting to Customs Value
Form C37-Notice of Seizure
Form C38-Application for Payment of Proceeds From Sale of Goods
Form C39-Application for Licensing Vehicles or Vessels for Conveyance of Goods Under Customs Control
Form C40-licence for Vehicles/Vessels for Conveyance of Goods Under Customs Control
Form CB0 - Bond to Secure Customs Duties
Form CB4-Bond for Exportation
Form CB5-Bond for Shipment of Stores
Form CB6-General Bond for Security of Warehoused Goods
Form CB7-Bond for Goods to be Shipped Prior to Entry
Form CB8-Transit Bond
Form CB9-Transhipment Bond
Form CB10-Bond for the Re-Exportation of Imported Goods Delivered Without Payment of Duty
Form CB11-Bond for Customs Agents
Form CB12-Bond for the Conveyance of Goods Subject to Customs Control
Customs System (TANCIS) User Access form
Customs License Management  System User access form