(a)      10% of the gain for a resident person

(b)      20% of the gain for a non resident person  

However, the Income Tax Act, provides that an instalment payer shall be entitled to tax credit for a year of income of an   amount equal to the income tax paid by way of single instalment for the year of income


a)    If the residence has been owned continuously by the individual for three years or more and lived in by the individual continuously or intermittently for a total of three years or more; and the interest was realised for a gain of not more than shillings 15,000,000

b)  An interest in land held by an individual that has  market value of less than shillings 10,000,000 at the time it is realised and has been used for agricultural purposes for at least two of the three years prior to realisation

c) Shares - DSE shares held by a person with shareholding less than 25%

d) Amounts derived from gain on realisation or transfer of mineral rights and mineral information to a partnership entity formed between the Government and an investor, or transfer of free carried interest shares, or transfer of shares to the Government through the Treasury Registrar