Form C1 Overtime Request
Form C2-Cargo Manifest
Form C3-Parcels List-Vessels
Form C4-General Declaration-Aircraft
Form C5-Passenger List
Form C6-Declaration Advice Customer Stores
Form C7-Crew Declaration Form
Form C8-Application to Break Bulk Prior to Making Report
Form C9-Application to Amend Manifest
Form C10-Application to Proceed to A Sufferance Wharf
Form C11-Landing Certificate
Form C12-Application For Release of Perishables or Other Goods Prior to Payment of Duty
Form C13-Application for Inward(Outward) Processing
Form C14-Certificate of Clearance
Form C15-Request to Repack Warehoused Goods
Form C16-Request Transfer Ownership of Warehoused Goods
Form C17-Tanzania Single Administrative Document (TANSAD)
Form C18-Application for Licence of Premises to be Used as a Bonded Warehouse or Factory or Inland Container Depot
Form C19-Licence for Private or General Bonded Warehouse,Factory,Icd
Form C20-Application for Custom Agents Licence
Form C21-Customs Agent Licence
Form C22-Application Ships Goods Prior Entry
Form C23-Application to Reload Goods Unloaded in Error
Form C24-Application to Ship Stores
Form C25-Application to Transfer Stores of Aircraft or Vessel
Form C26-Application for Refund of Deposit or Cancellation of Bond
Form C27-Transire
Form C28- Application for Vehicle or Vessel Conveying Transit Goods
Form C29-Certificate of Approval for Licensed Motor Vehicles or Vehicles From COMESA(SADC)
Form C30-Duty Drawback Rate of Yield Notification Form
Form C31-Duty Drawback-Debenture and Claim Form
Form C32-Temporary Exportation/Importation of Motor Vehicles Within EAC And Temporary Importation Within COMESA - SADC
Form C33-Application for a Rebate or Refund
Form C34-Other Refunds
Form C35-Request for Settlement of Case
Form C36-Declaration of Particulars Realting to Customs Value
Form C37-Notice of Seizure
Form C38-Application for Payment of Proceeds From Sale of Goods
Form C39-Application for Licensing Vehicles or Vessels for Conveyance of Goods Under Customs Control
Form C40-licence for Vehicles/Vessels for Conveyance of Goods Under Customs Control
Form CB - Bond to Secure Customs Duties
Form CB1- Bond for Delivery of Perishable or Other Goods Prior to Payment of Duty
Form CB2- Bond for Removal of Goods From One Port or Place to be Examined and Entered at Another Port or Place
Form CB3-Bond for the Warehousing of Goods or Removal of Warehoused Goods
Form CB4-Bond for Exportation
Form CB5-Bond for Shipment of Stores
Form CB6-General Bond for Security of Warehoused Goods
Form CB7-Bond for Goods to be Shipped Prior to Entry
Form CB8-Transit Bond
Form CB9-Transhipment Bond
Form CB10-Bond for the Re-Exportation of Imported Goods Delivered Without Payment of Duty
Form CB11-Bond for Customs Agents
Form CB12-Bond for the Conveyance of Goods Subject to Customs Control

Form CB13-General Bond for Ensuring Compliance with Customs Laws and Securing Duties on Goods Deposited in an ICD


Other Customs forms
EAC Simplified Certificate of Origin
Form No. 220B Application for utilization of Customs duty and VAT
Declaration of Unaccompanied Baggage
Utilization of the Customs Duty  and Excise Duty to Public Official
Customs System (TANCIS) User Access form
Customs License Management  System User access form