Application for Customs Licenses for the year 2017

Verification of Taxpayer’s Records  

   TIN Form - Entity

    TIN Form - Individual

    TIN Form - Branch 

Press Release - VAT on International Transport and 

Ancillary Services

Press Release - Mawakala wa Serikali KutumiEFDs

Press Release - VAT on Financial Transactions

Budget Speech 2016/2017

By the Minister for Finance and Planning, Hon. Dr. Philip I. Mpango (MP) Read more...

Ugawaji wa mashine za EFD bila malipo awamu ya  kwanza

Mamlaka ya Mapato Tanzania inapenda kuwataarifu Wafanyabiashara wote kwamba,zoezi la ugawaji wa Mashine za EFD awamu ya kwanza. Soma  zaidi ...

TIN Registration Desk

We wish to inform the general public that Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) has introduced a Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) registration and issuance desk at the BRELA offices.  Read more....


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