This page contains guidance and code which will assist you to make proper payment of the intended taxes. The page provides code used for payments by indicating specific type of taxes, forms used to specific banks and payments made through mobile phones.


1.    GFS Code

This is a special number which will be used by the taxpayers when make payment by filling it on the deposit paying slip.

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 2.    TISS 

TISS stand for Tanzania Interbank Settlement System, This is a simplest way used by the taxpayers to order the commercial bank to transfer payments to BOT, and the contents which are found in the TISS form are: Name of Account holder (s), Account number, Name of commercial Bank, Amount in TZS, Amount in words and value date.


3.    Payment through M-Pesa system.

This is a system whereby taxpayers will be able to pay taxes through VODACOM M-Pesa system.

For the purpose of utilizing this service, taxpayers are advised to fulfill the following requirements:

1.    A taxpayer must be a VODACOM Subscriber and registered with M-Pesa. For registration. Taxpayers are kindly advised to contact Vodacom office or Agent of M-Pesa scattered throughout the country.

 2.    After being registered a taxpayer will be required to load money to his/her M-Pesa Account.

 After having fulfilled the requirements for paying tax through M-Pesa, taxpayers are advised to follow the following instructions:-

 1.    Dial *150*00# to get VODACOM M-Pesa service.

 2.    Choose option 4-Pay Bill.

 3.    Choose option 1-Enter Business Number.

 4.    Enter your Business number.

 5.    The business number for property Tax is 500300.

 6.    The business number for personal/individual or Corporate tax is 600400.

 7.    Enter your reference number.

 8.    The reference number for property tax is the Bill number with 12 digits.

 9.    The reference number for personal/individual or corporate tax is the debit number with seven (7) digits.

 10.Enter amount.

 11.Enter your PIN.

 12.Enter 1 to confirm or 2 to cancel.