Income tax Forms

ITX100.01.B  - Application for Taxpayer Registration or change of registered Particulars (Entity) 

ITX101.01.B  - Application for Taxpayer Registration or change of registered Particulars ( Individual) 

ITX102.01.B  - Application for Taxpayer Registration or change of registered Particulars ( Branch)

ITX 303.01.E - Payment Notice and Deposit Slip 

ITX 302.01.E - Certificate Remittance Slip Withholding Tax from Bank Interest 

ITX 234.01.E - Withholding Tax Certificate on Service Fees 

ITX 216.01.E - Notification of Tax on Lump sum Payment 

ITX 204.01.E - Declaration of Gain from an Interest in Land or Buildings 

ITX 200.01.E - Estimates- individual 

ITX 203.01.E - Final Return of Income - Entity Form 

ITX 202.01.E - Estimates-entity Form 

ITX 201.01.E - Final Return of income- Individual Form

ITX 230.01.E - Withholding Tax Statement 


Employment tax forms

ITX 300.01.E - Employment Taxes Payment Credit Slip

ITX 220.01.E - SDL employers half year certificate

ITX 215.01.E - PAYE- Statement and Payment of Tax Withheld

ITX 219.01.E - SDL- Monthly Return


VAT forms

Notification for VAT Registration and Deregistration 

ITX 247.02.E - Application For VAT Deferment

ITX261.02.E  - Checklist for the claimants of negative amount

ITX246.02.E  - Application for Cancelation of VAT Registration

ITX 241.01.B - VAT monthly return supplement

ITX245.02.E  - Application for Registration

ITX 240.02.B - VAT monthly return

ITX 248.01.E - Additional assessment VAT

ITX260.02.E -  Application for Fund Refund of Negative net amount

ITX262.02.E  - Claim for refund of VAT

ITX264.02.E  - Adjustment Notes

ITX263.02.E -  Application For Utilization Of VAT Relief

ITX266.02.E  - Notification For Input Tax Credit

ITX 241.02.B - VAT monthly return declaration of details

ITX 241.01.E - VAT Monthly return supplement

ITX 303.01.E - Payment Notice and Deposit Slip

VAT 222 - VAT Relief to Diplomatic Missions on Local Supplies

VAT 220/223/224 - VAT Relief Excluding Diplomats & Diplomatic Missions



Other Domestic Revenue Forms


Property Registration Form

ITX 255.01.E - Excise Duty Return

ITX 389.01.E Notice of Objection 
ITX 390.01.E Application for Extension of time to Lodge Objection      
ITX258.01.E - Application for a license to Manufacture excisable goods/denatured