Tanzania Revenue Authority - Domestic Revenue Forms

Dear Taxpayers,

We would like to remind you that, due date for filling and paying PAYE and other withholding taxes for the month of April 2017 is on or before 05/05/2017.

We appreciate for your prompt payment.

“File and pay your tax liability timely”

In case of any problem, please call 0800780078, 0800750075 or send us email on services@tra.go.tz

Income tax Forms

ITX100.01.B  - Application for Taxpayer Registration or change of registered Particulars (Entity) 

ITX101.01.B  - Application for Taxpayer Registration or change of registered Particulars ( Individual) 

ITX102.01.B  - Application for Taxpayer Registration or change of registered Particulars ( Branch)

ITX 303.01.E - Payment Notice and Deposit Slip 

ITX 302.01.E - Certificate Remittance Slip Withholding Tax from Bank Interest 

ITX 234.01.E - Withholding Tax Certificate on Service Fees 

ITX 216.01.E - Notification of Tax on Lump sum Payment 

ITX 204.01.E - Declaration of Gain from an Interest in Land or Buildings 

ITX 200.01.E - Estimates- individual 

ITX 203.01.E - Final Return of Income - Entity Form 

ITX 202.01.E - Estimates-entity Form 

ITX 201.01.E - Final Return of income- Individual Form

ITX 230.01.E - Withholding Tax Statement 


Employment tax forms

ITX 300.01.E - Employment Taxes Payment Credit Slip

ITX 220.01.E - SDL employers half year certificate

ITX 215.01.E - PAYE- Statement and Payment of Tax Withheld

ITX 219.01.E - SDL- Monthly Return


VAT forms

Notification for VAT Registration and Deregistration 

ITX 247.02.E - Application For VAT Deferment

ITX261.02.E  - Checklist for the claimants of negative amount

ITX246.02.E  - Application for Cancelation of VAT Registration

ITX 241.01.B - VAT monthly return supplement

ITX245.02.E  - Application for Registration

ITX 240.02.B - VAT monthly return

ITX 248.01.E - Additional assessment VAT

ITX260.02.E -  Application for Fund Refund of Negative net amount

ITX262.02.E  - Claim for refund of VAT

ITX264.02.E  - Adjustment Notes

ITX263.02.E -  Application For Utilization Of VAT Relief

ITX266.02.E  - Notification For Input Tax Credit

ITX 241.02.B - VAT monthly return declaration of details

ITX 241.01.E - VAT Monthly return supplement

ITX 303.01.E - Payment Notice and Deposit Slip

VAT 222 - VAT Relief to Diplomatic Missions on Local Supplies

VAT 220/223/224 - VAT Relief Excluding Diplomats & Diplomatic Missions




Other domestic revenue forms


 ITX 255.01.E - Excise Duty Return

ITX 389.01.E Notice of Objection 
ITX 390.01.E Application for Extension of time to Lodge Objection      
ITX258.01.E - Application for a license to Manufacture excisable goods/denatured