Research by TRA Feedback Form

To help the Department serve you better, please fill in the form and return it to the office of the Director for Research and Policy or the officer attending your request.

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A. How frequent do you interact with the Research and Policy Department (RPD)?
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B. What is the nature of services you require/received from RPD?
1. Data request (Tax collections, revenue targets, Imports/Exports etc.,)
2. Interpretation of tax laws,
3. Research reports/references,
4. Guidance on conducting research/writing research papers,
5. Tax policy advice
C. Did you get professional courtesy and positive outlook in the course of addressing your concern?
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D. How satisfied are you with the services provided?
Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Poor Very Poor
E. Did the service(s) provided meet your expectation?
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F. Give any other comment or ideas on how the department can improve the services to its stakeholders.
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